I just saw a dude use a payphone😲

Unbelievable… So amazing that I thought it deserved it’s own post.

But really, who is he calling?? Why isn’t he using a cellphone?? HOW DOES HE EVEN KNOW ANY PHONE NUMBERS TO CALL???


Mind Blown.

Tiny islands, southeast Asia, mountain villages, tribesmen…. I couldn’t find anyone using a payphone. Until Budapest😂 I should’ve waited for him and asked him wtf he was doing. My one regret😒

5 Comments on “I just saw a dude use a payphone😲

  1. 😂I seriously an elderly friend in Ohio in the late ’90’s that was talked into investing in the purchase of an actual phone booth, and they were to have gotten a piece of the profits – needless to say, it did not pay off . 😆😂

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    • ha:)! I hope she was able to sell it.. at least time share it😂


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