how I know I live in the best place for me🇺🇸

My trip is drawing to an end😩

And while I don’t want it to end, I’m also excited to be going Home. Undeniably, I’ve attained some deep levels of gratitude for all of the greatness that exists in my life in Houston. I have a list of some of the wonderful things about America that I particularly missed while I was gone, and these wonderful things also allow me to know that I live in the best place. Not being elitist, I’m recognizing that for me, the U.S. is the best place to live, while there are many great places that I like to visit.😊

  1. Thanksgiving and Christmas at Home
  2. NFL
  3. NPR
  4. Whole foods, HEB, Kroger, Trader Joe’s (and any other good grocery store)
  5. Starbucks
  6. NY Times
  7. Safe drinking water – everywhere
  8. Hot water in the shower
  9. Every bathroom has a toilet (never a hole in the ground)
  10. Melting Pot – everyone is different, so no one looks ‘different’😄
  11. Wear whatever you want / go wherever you want / do whatever you want, as a woman
  12. Not having people cut in front of me in line, for no particular reason
  13. Smiling and greeting passers-by
  14. Being on time
  15. Fashion
  16. Swimming pools in backyards
  17. 50 unique, interesting states
  18. Taxi regulations
  19. Reliable, present law enforcement
  20. Anthropologie
  21. Crate & Barrel
  22. Bath & Body Works
  23. Victoria’s Secret
  24. American music
  25. A less-low glass ceiling than in most of the rest of the world
  26. Clean streets and roads, and the ability to Recycle
  27. Shaking hands as a greeting
  28. Not being asked my age or political opinions by strangers
  29. The Great American Road Trip
  30. The Great American Novel
  31. The Greatest Generation
  32. Our Patriotism
  33. Seeing symbols of the American flag
  34. Get whatever you want, whenever you want it
  35. XM radio
  36. Less smoking
  37. Clothes dryers!
  38. Real coffee available everywhere

2 Comments on “how I know I live in the best place for me🇺🇸

  1. We live in the best Country on Earth and should thank the heavens that we are here. I love the USA !!!!! Just wait til you get home and take that first deep sigh of contentment when you walk in your front door,,,,, 🙂

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