Pretrip planning with pups, petunias, and patience

It’s taken a long time to hammer out the details of my trip (luckily, I’ve had some free time on my hands lately), but I’ve finally solidified the bulk of my plans.  And it’s going to be amazing… To wit:

8MAY – land in Lima
8MAY-9MAY – Stay in Miraflores
9/10MAY – Take bus overnight from Lima to Arequipa (this is the time where, if you have a rosary close by, please clutch it and think of me)
10-13MAY – Stay in Arequipa
13MAY – Take bus from Arequipa to Puno (this is a much shorter trip and not overnight.  So grab that rosary again, but no need to hold it quite as tightly as the first bus trip.)
13-16MAY – Stay in Puno/Lake Titicaca
16MAY – Take bus from Puno to Cusco
16-18MAY – Stay in Cusco
18-21MAY – Trek to Machu Picchu
21-23MAY – Stay in Cusco
23MAY – Fly to Quito, Ecuador
23-25MAY – Stay in Quito
25-27MAY – Stay in Otavalo
27-30MAY – Still haven’t decided what to do with this time…
30MAY – Fly to Galapagos
30MAY-4JUN – Stay in Galapagos (Santa Cruz Island)
4JUN – Fly to Guayaquil
4-5JUN – Stay in Guayaquil
5JUN – Fly to Lima
5-7JUN – Stay in Lima
7/8JUN – Fly to Houston

We’ll see how the interwebs work in the various towns (I’m already planning on having little to no access in the Galapagos b/c it’s notoriously slow there) so that I can send pictures intermittently.

Pups sunbathingPretty petunias

Homegirl looks heavy

While I’m gone, my mom is taking care of the pups and petunias. I’ll miss watching the babies sunbathe on my balcony.

4 Comments on “Pretrip planning with pups, petunias, and patience

  1. sounds awesome! um..are you sure the porters are using horses? i’m pretty sure they carry all that shit on their backs… i don’t remember seeing any horses on that trail. 🙂
    are you doing a live-aboard in galapagos? you MUST!!!! even if you don’t have anything reserved yet, you can get there and find a last minute spot. that place is amazing… take lots of pictures and don’t pet the baby seals, please. 😉 enjoy!!!

    p.s. i’m bummed you’re not stopping by LA 😦


  2. The hike will be amazing. You won’t pass out—I have no doubt that you will conquer. We have a few days coming up that we’re going to go somewhere. Not sure where—but I love figuring it out the night before. It gives me a total rush of adrenaline.

    You made a great point in your recent post—about the thirst for travel and the addictive quality of it all. Anytime we have more than 2 or 3 days off, I’m ready to pack a bag and go somewhere. And you’re right, it does change you—and it’s not really the monuments or the museums—it is the people that you meet and hearing their stories and understanding their culture and getting a glimpse of what makes each of them tick.


  3. No, not doing sanctuary lodge… I did look at it, but it was too expensive for me. But, yes, I’m doing a guided hike, with porters that will carry things, ha. Not my personal stuff, but they’ll use horses to carry tents and what not. Hopefully they won’t have to port me when I pass out from altitude sickness 🙂


  4. Awesome! Will and I keep talking about doing a trip to Machu Picchu but the flights to Lima are always a little iffy (sense we’re non-revs). Are you staying at the Sanctuary Lodge? One of my good friends went and said it was worth the hefty price tag just so you have it to yourself in the mornings. And, did I read your post correctly? Are you actually do the hike instead of the train up the mountain? Are you going to be like one of those snooty rich people and pay a porter to haul your crap while you do a little hiking? lol. Glad you started this blog. You should definitely post lots of pics to Facebook too.


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