Construction, crazy lady, and queueing

I received a nice surprise this morning when I got out of the shower. My dogs were in full attack mode, barking at construction workers yelling at each other directly outside my apartment door and on various ladders leaned against my balcony. What the…? I have no idea what they’re doing. But apparently, they are working on something that has to do with the outside area of my apartment. So, for I don’t know how long they’ll be banging, drilling, and razing my exterior living space. Um, rent discount, please?

Oh, howdy neighbor

Oh, howdy neighbor

In my last apartment, also in the Heights, two weeks after I moved in, construction began directly across the street on another huge apartment complex, which when I moved out a year later, they were still constructing. I don’t know if I have horrible luck, or if there is just loud construction-ness going on everywhere here?

Um, Awesome? No natural sunlight because I have to keep my shades closed. Less doggie-lovin’ time because if they aren’t sequestered in the bathroom, then they will bark at every little sound. No relaxing on my balcony because there will literally be a man three feet away from me on a ladder… Um, Awkward? And every time I take Dude out, he’s going to do his rabies foam thing and try to assault the poor worker man.

The devil and her brother

The devil and her brother

Suh-weet? On a brighter note, I did finally get my blood drawn for my HIV test that I need before starting my new job (despite the fact that, whilst sitting in the PACKED waiting room, I could hear the lady at reception talking–screaming–on the phone to my insurance company, saying, “No, she needs the AIDS test! The AIDS test. Will you cover her AIDS test?”) Um, Uncomfortable?

On a truly brighter note, I re-signed up for Netflix because I’m a baller and can afford $8.99/month. And, all of the movies that I had in my queue from my account before are still there! You go, Netflix… Redbox has nothin’ on you.

Welcome back

Welcome back

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