My new J-O-B

I finally got a J-O-B! After two weeks of transitioning with the officer I’m replacing, I know about one thing: I’ve got a lot to learn. I’m completely unfamiliar with the ROTC program, “normal” college campus functions, interaction between student and professor, etc. So, I’m definitely projecting a whole whole whole lot of work ahead. But, I’m so excited, the job will be awesome.

Basically, I go around talking up the Army to anyone who’ll listen. And function as the department’s academic advisor. Ish! But, the funnest part is meeting so many new people, with so many different stories. And it’s super cool to talk to a young person who’s smart and athletic and has amazing potential and know that they have their whole lives in front of them to accomplish anything they want.

I work in the Hofheinz Pavilion building on UH campus (referred to as the Coog’s house by some), and it takes 9 to 12 minutes to get to work. Uhmazin. I spent about 5 hours in my office today cleaning/organizing… there were years of binders and memos and old Army publicity items accumulated throughout. It’s a relief to have everything pretty much in order now, so I can walk in the office on Monday and feel comfortable.

There are almost 20 schools that I’m responsible for, so I will be traveling all over Houston frequently. I’m glad that I’ll get to know the city better, but it’s also going to take a lot of time just driving. Good thing is, I have a government sedan. UH, UH-D, Rice, TSU, St Thomas, Houston Baptist, all HCC campuses, Texas Woman’s University, all San Jacinto College campuses, all Lone Star College campuses, Alvin Community College, and the UT Health Science Center fall under my ROTC battalion.

I established a Twitter page where I can tweet all things Army that I’m doing and maybe spur some interest amongst the younger set out there that have been using Twitter for years. Follow me here:

Adios for now.

Peace and love, sales and marketing.

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