Just when I tried to get out, they pull me back in

Long time since I’ve pressed any words and made sentences. A brief summation of my events since September:

I went to school for two weeks in Virginia for my Army job; the funding for my Army orders changed, so I couldn’t get orders for the new fiscal year; I got the flu and discovered that, while Tamiflu does work against flu symptoms, it also makes you violently vomit for two days.

I went to Kentucky and celebrated the uniqueness of my state–I toured the Wild Turkey Distillery, saw the Cats blue-white game, went to the horse races a few times, and hiked a lot in the pretty wooded mountains.

I went to Cincinnati and shopped, and I toured my mom’s hometown in greater Ohio; went to Arkansas, basically, to see a Katharine McPhee concert; I went to D.C. and borrowed some couch space from Sarah and Nicki (thanks guys); I went to Chicago and saw Jersey Boys (and found Sarah’s long-lost thong).

I went to Indianapolis and saw Peyton and Tony U beat the Titans… was amazing (thanks for getting us tickets, dad).

I went to Mississippi and gambled; I went back to Kentucky; I went to Mississippi and gambled on the beach; and then I came back to Houston.

I’ve only been back in Houston for a couple weeks, so haven’t done a lot since I’ve been here. When the weather was good, I hiked with the gators a lot at Brazos Bend S.P.

I’ve been reading some of my fave guy the Dalai Lama, mulling vegetarianism, working at the HAWC some and, most importantly, I’ve hung out with my BFF Cara 🙂

I have a new job that I start on 8 Feb. at BHP Billiton. I’m psyched for that. I extended my apartment lease based on that, and I got a surprisingly good deal on the price.

I became addicted to the AMC show Breaking Bad. I read about it online, and I knew that the critics loved it, so I downloaded the first two seasons from iTunes. It’s far and away the best show I’ve seen since The Sopranos. The premise: A high school chemistry teacher discovers he has stage 3 cancer and decides to cook crystal meth to sell so that he has enough money to leave with his family when he dies. The slightly outlandish-sounding plot becomes plausible when watching because of the show’s writing, acting, directing, overall awesomeness, quotes from Hank like the title of this blog, blurring the line between good and evil, yadda, yadda, yadda. Give it a chance, watch the first season, you won’t be disappointed.

Having this week free before I start work is making me itchy itchy to explore, so I’m thinking of taking a trip tomorrow.

Time doesn’t exist, so do it now.

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