Fiji Planning

Plotting out where to go in Fiji…

Because flying from the U.S. to Fiji crosses the international date line, going westbound, my flight leaves on November 10th from LA, but I arrive in Nadi on November 12th! I’m picturing myself being on the plane and literally not knowing what day it is.

Areial compress_1

12 – 13 November:  staying in Nadi with couch-surfer friend. These are the sites I’m going to check out in Nadi:

    • Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple
    • Nadi produce market
    • Diwali – November 11 – 15
    • Garden of the Sleeping Giant (asian orchids; raymond burr owner)
    • Mount Batilamu hike:

14 – 17 Nov:  Taveuni Island, hostel

17 – 18 Nov:  night in Nadi, hostel

18 – 21 Nov:  Nanuya Balavu Island, hostel

21 – 22 Nov:  last night in Nadi, hotel

22 Nov:  fly to Japan, with a layover in Melbourne

Dorm rooms at the hostels are super cheap, so staying within my $50/day budget for this portion of the trip should be do-able. I had to buy two local flights to get from island to island, but I put that against my overage’ I included in my budget for Fiji flights, Tanzania flight & safari and a Myanmar flight.

Main plans for Fiji:  relaxing on the beautiful beaches!

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