Water slide funnnn

My last day on Taveuni Island…

I wish I would’ve stayed here a few more days… next time, yes!

marabou lodge at night

maravu lodge at night

I did a little day trip to see where the International Date Line splits the island…

international date line

international date line

And also to go on the water sliiiiiiiiiide!

water slide

water slide

The slide was near our guide’s house, so we stopped there for lunch (and so he could bring his daughter with us😊). The view from his backyard was 270 degrees of ocean and mountain. And he had papaya, mango, banana, and coconut trees in his yard.

view from guide's house😍

view from guide’s house😍

This was my dinner at the Lodge – it toppled over before I got a picture, but it was pretty and delicious (tuna caught that day… and it cost $8!)

tuna, papaya, and cassava

tuna, papaya, and cassava

This morning, I left Taveuni to come back to Nadi.


plane selfie*

view from plane

view from plane

I checked into the Westin on Denarau Island for one night – it’s gorrrrgeous (and the first place I’ve stayed at that has washcloths! What a treat😂)

westin denarau - view from my room

westin denarau – view from my room

*you’re welcome, Paula.

Next up: Ferry to Mantaray Island Resort, on Nanuya Balavu Island, in the Yasawas

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