Nightscapes :: Reds and Greens Mostly

Kyoto ::

They light up some of their temples, and certain times of year you can tour them when it’s dark out. A lot of them do it during the fall when the maple trees are changing colors. I think of it as the Japanese version of Christmas lights and nativity scenes😊 These are from the Kiyomizu-dera Temple area…

DSC01496DSC01493 DSC01450 DSC01447DSC01470 DSC01464 DSC01459 DSC01458 DSC01455 DSC01490 DSC01488 DSC01486 DSC01481 DSC01480 DSC01494DSC01500 DSC01498

Kyoto downtown ::


Yasaka Shrine, Kyoto ::


Kusatsu ::

DSC01408 DSC01429 DSC01427 DSC01423 DSC01420 DSC01418DSC01411

Tokyo ::

IMG_5886 IMG_5882

Next Up: More Kyoto

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  1. We just saw this product on Shark Tank that he said was big in Japan. It’s hot canned(like a soda can) coffee. It’s sold in stores in what appears to be a refrigerated cooler, but it’s really a hot box. Have you seen anything like that there?

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