Animals – Big, Small, and Illusions

I wanted to visit the Chiang Mai Zoo because they have two giant pandas there🐼

I’ve never seen one. In the U.S., there are giant pandas in San Diego, Memphis, and the National Zoo in D.C. The Chiang Mai Zoo is outside of town, on the edge of the mountains, just where it’s starting to get hilly, so it was a lovely setting that included walking up lots of hills! The admission was 100 baht to get in, and it was 100 more to see the pandas.

zoo entrance

zoo entrance

view of city

view of city

I do feel guilty going to zoos because the animals are in cages, etc. But they’re not going away any time soon, so I feel that my visiting does give the zoo more money to spend on the animals who are already in the cages. In terms of animal living conditions, this zoo was just like all the others I’ve seen in the U.S. – nothing worse or better about it.

The giant pandas, Chuang Chuang (boy) and Lin Hui (girl), are immigrants from China😆. Their daughter gave birth to twins last fall in China, and I can’t figure out if the baby pandas are still alive or not. Meanwhile, the Chiang Mai Zoo is trying to knock up Lin Hui again, but this past mating season, the artificial insemination didn’t work:/ They were both sleeping when I was there😊

chuang chuang

chuang chuang

lin hui

lin hui

Lin Hui was racked out! Tongue was resting on the rock and everything😂 My other favorite animals from the day…


look, sarah


white lions!


the thinker (gibbon)


corn treat


there’s always one…

DSC02802 DSC02807 DSC02824 DSC02828 DSC02831 DSC02844 DSC02841

I had heard about an illusion art museum called Art in Paradise (I guess they’re also called “trick eye museums”). I honestly didn’t know these types of museums even existed until I heard about them here. And even though the entry was $11, I decided to check it out. It was worth it. I had so much fun:

DSC02943 DSC02925 DSC02909 DSC02895 DSC02885 DSC02911 DSC02890 DSC02942

this is not an escalator

this is not an escalator

DSC02900 DSC02932 DSC02887 DSC02886 DSC02912 DSC02936 DSC02894 DSC02939 DSC02957 DSC02946 DSC02949 DSC02955 DSC02948 DSC02938Next up: Myanmar!

9 Comments on “Animals – Big, Small, and Illusions

  1. The museum is amazing. Loving the pictures you took there. I’ve never heard of them. I’m going to see if we have them local.
    I saw the pandas at the National Zoo. I love Pandas.

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  2. This is absolutely my favorite post yet, bar none. These pictures are so cool !!!! I wish we had a museum like this in the States ! I wonder if Sarah’s fingers will throb when she sees the ostrich !!!??? 😉

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