Bagan, Myanmar


I’ve got to get my blog caught up with where I am in the world😄 Bagan was cool – by far the highlight and probably the most memorable thing I’ve done in my trip so far: HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE!!!!!!  Awwwesome:)

DSC03096 DSC03097 DSC03084 DSC03106 DSC03107 DSC03114 DSC03121 DSC03116 DSC03127 DSC03130 DSC03131 DSC03133 DSC03134 DSC03141 DSC03145 DSC03147 DSC03148DSC03153 DSC03169 DSC03165 DSC03164 DSC03161 DSC03159 DSC03158 DSC03157

She’s hitting one of the goats!DSC03156 DSC03154 DSC03174 DSC03180

Sunset from the side of the temple:DSC03184 DSC03185 DSC03188 DSC03195DSC03201 DSC03233 DSC03221 DSC03220 DSC03219 DSC03216 DSC03213 DSC03212 DSC03207 DSC03248 DSC03243 DSC03240 DSC03236

Someone threw their hat down into the field, for the farmer.


Farmer runs to get cap
 why running?


Because other guy was running for it too! And when he got it, he put it on, was jumping up and down, and totally rubbing it in the other guy’s face😂


DSC03294DSC03282DSC03272DSC03262DSC03260DSC03310DSC03317DSC03326DSC03335DSC03338DSC03339 DSC03352 DSC03351 DSC03347 DSC03343 DSC03342 IMG_7045 IMG_7046 DSC03358

Next up: Inle Lake

6 Comments on “Bagan, Myanmar

  1. Stephanie – the balloon ride and all the beautiful buildings are simply breathtaking. My hat’s off to you (and the farmer!!!)

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  2. The motorbike looks like a fun way to travel the countryside, the balloon ride…fantastic, a long climb up to the top of the temple but apparently worth it for the sunset view. The temples were beautiful! Amongst all the golden Buddhas it was still amazing to see the reverence in the ancient weathered temples and realize how long the people have honored their spiritual history. Enjoyed the hat tossed into the field runoff.

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  3. Balloon ride : seriously cool ……
    Guys racing to get the cap : entertaining ….
    Winner of the cap taunting the other guy : hilarious !!!!!
    How many people will the basket hold ?

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