Gateway of India

Sail forth – steer for the deep waters only,
Reckless O soul, exploring, I with thee, and thou with me,
For we are bound where mariner has not yet dared to go,
And we will risk the ship, ourselves and all.

-from “Passage to India”

The early morning flight I took from Colombo to Mumbai had a nice surprise of a pink and purple sunrise😃

sunrise over mumbai

sunrise over mumbai, no filter😍

The Mumbai Airport is beautiful – it’s like walking through a museum, with the artwork installations on the walls, and the architecture is amazing.
mumbai airport

mumbai airport

I had no issues getting through customs, got through the lines, and then out to get a taxi to my hotel. The hotel was right beside the airport, a Hyatt I booked with points. Beautiful, fancy hotel, mostly used by international business travelers, and the service was excellent👍🏼

I used Uber again in Mumbai! So fun to use in different countries😏 It was much cheaper than a taxi. I went into the city, which ended up taking almost 1.5 hours because it was far away, but more because of the traffic. I wanted to see two things in Mumbai…

  1. Gateway of India
  2. Starbucks 😂

Smoke in the forecast? I don’t think I’ve seen that before from the app…

smoke forecast

smoke forecast

part of skyline - mahim bay, arabian sea, indian ocean

part of skyline – mahim bay, arabian sea, indian ocean

lovely street

lovely street

Mumbai reminds me of NYC a little.

make in india campaign

make in india campaign

They have this ‘Make in India’ week thing going on now, and it must be a big deal because I saw billboards everywhere I looked advertising it.


gateway of india

The area around the Gateway was blocked off, I think because they were doing construction to build what looked like a seating area out in front. I dont know if it’s usually blocked off?

one boy snuck inside

this kid had the right idea and snuck inside… made for a cool picture. He looks so small.

mumbai harbor

mumbai harbor

taj mahal palace hotel

taj mahal palace hotel



Being in a Starbucks made me feel like I was home… somewhere familiar😊 It was really nice… amongst all of the exciting newness every day brings, something familiar is a nice change every now and then.

salvation army - mumbai😃

salvation army – mumbai😃

People line the waterside for miles and miles to watch the sunset. Beautiful.

sunset over the bay

sunset over the bay – a little bit nyc to me, no?

sunset over mosque

sunset over mosque

I started the day over Mumbai seeing the sunrise and finished it seeing the sunset❤️

When I was walking around a few blocks away from the Starbucks, a guy came over and asked me if I wanted to be an extra in a Bollywood movie (ummm, OF COURSE I DO). I asked him if I could have the lead role instead, and he said that it was already filled. Damn, timing is everything:/ Then I said ‘Okay, I guess I’ll settle for being an extra.’ Buuuut, they were filming the next afternoon, and I was flying out of Mumbai😩 My one shot to be famous in Bollywood😥 Alas, was not meant to be. But maybe there will be movies filming in another city I visit in India. I’m keeping my eyes peeled🙆🏼

On the way back to my hotel, which took 1.5 hours, I unfortunately was paired with a cab driver who was the craziest person (not craziest cab driver… CRAZIEST PERSON) I’ve ever met. I think he was hopped up on some sort of substance. Because he was sweating and screaming and singing and buying ice cream cones and getting stuff out of his trunk and arguing with me about taking the toll road….

craziest person I've ever met.

craziest person I’ve ever met.

This was him breaking out into some sort of song… I recorded just the tail-end, when he had gotten bored of it. But, initially he was singing, laughing hysterically, looking at me and saying, “Yeah?!?”, then singing more.😧 Anyway, hoping that guy gets help (and even more so, that I never see him again)😁.

Next up: Goa – Beaches and Riverboats

3 Comments on “Gateway of India

  1. I look forward to seeing you in a new sari, bindi, henna decorations on your hands, and elaborate jewelry, rocking it out in a Bollywood feature movie. Maybe they can title it Steph’s Exotic Adventures!

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  2. Mumbai is really pretty ! And it has a skyline almost as nice as Houston ! You are living life the opposite of most people, I think. Most of us live with things familiar and have something new or exciting occasionally. You’re living exciting everyday !!!!! Love it……

    Liked by 1 person

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