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2 Comments on “whatitis

  1. Nice to discover your blog and to learn about your time away from Normal. 🙂

    Yes, the Andes are another reality. As an American who’s been visiting Peru off and on for 13 years (and who now lives in Lima), I can say that having an immersion in Andean life somehow simplifies daily existence in the U.S. when you return. So many of our American preoccupations with the material seem exaggerated. In the Andes people live with a lot less and have greater contact with nature, and they seem, on the whole, less neurotic and more emotionally “intact” than do Americans.

    Of course, the poverty here is bad and so it’s not an idyllic life by any means for many Peruvians. That makes it possible to appreciate what you do have when you return to the U.S.


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