$50/day just isn’t enough… I’m not able to keep to it, and what’s the point in having a budget if it’s completely unattainable? I’ve tracked what I’ve spent money on every day in the notes app of my iPhone. Fiji was really expensive. Every place you go is pretty much isolated, so they can charge whatever they want for the food, excursions, etc.

In Fiji, I averaged $86/day.

Japan has been less expensive, mainly because I’ve spent the majority of the time in big cities, so I’ve had plenty of options on food, gifts, etc. Seven of the 15 days I’ve been in Japan, I’ve spent less than $50. Not bad. But still, on the days I spent less, I pretty much had one meal for that day😆 So, the $50/day thing was really just causing me to agonize over whether to buy coffee or lunch, and I’m not feelin’ that.

My daily average in Japan has been $63/day. That’s including souvenirs, admission fees, Disneyland, buying lattes almost every day… everything. And I’m thinking that at least half of the countries I go to will be less expensive than Japan. So, all that being said, I think it’s realistic and not overly ambitious to have a budget of $70/day and try to remain under that. In the grand scheme of things, $20/day isn’t a huge difference, but I’m thinking this shift makes the most sense to do.



I’m aiming to spend an average of $50 / day when on the trip. This will cover lodging, food, daily transportation and anything extra (souvenirs, excursions, etc).

This is not including all of my plane tickets that I’ve purchased already – which I got through Airtreks (they are great!) for $7,750!

We’ll see how it goes!

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