Ecuador found

I found my Ecuador. In a town called Baños, and more specifically in a village called Rio Verde. There, I found a spot where the earth and the sky combine. Where the water floats in harmony with the land. It´s a place where the mountains turn to watercolors in the distance, and waterfalls cascade with gravity into pools below. I found a world where time was there but I didn´t feel it; where I became dominated by a sense of place rather than time; an alternative existence where living means cycling with the sun, where living means having what you have to have and not what you need, where living means not needing any wants, where living means being free. I found my Ecuador in a valley with no cars, with a bridge painted in the colors of the rainbow, and with flowers that glow and light the pathway to a church–where if you glance at the right moment, the sky peels back and reveals the face of God. I found my Ecuador, and I found the world´s chocolate sundae: rich and sweet, and a treat to savor on a warm summer night, after the sun kneels before the moon. I found my Ecuador and my world–my light, my air, my thirst, my freedom.

2 Comments on “Ecuador found

    • Thanks. I still couldn´t do it justice… That place is heaven on earth.


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