On Adventure

There is something to be said for people who have the wanderlust.  I can only speculate on where the itch comes from that gives a person the travel bug.  Some of the factors that fuel my urge to explore:  great adventure, meeting people from other cultures, seeing their struggles and seeing what makes them smile, and overcoming obstacles.  It helps being a dreamer, envisioning that whatever trip you’re going on next will be the most amazing experience of your life and will change you forever.  Of course, this doesn’t always happen.  Sometimes there are bad experiences that make the trip a flop, a waste of money, and give you the feeling of “it’s good to be home” when it’s over.  Despite knowing this, though, we still take that risk.  We still choose to throw all caution to the wind, fill up a backpack, hop on a plane alone to South America, and the only plans that we make are to figure it out when we get there.  Exactly why some get the hunger to go go go differs in all.  But something that doesn’t differ is that once you catch the wanderlust, it never becomes un-caught.  For those of us who travel in search of something within ourselves, this doesn’t mean that we never find it; it just means that we have more than one thing to find.  So for all of the risk takers, dreamers, and adventurers:  let your wanderlusting continue, and climb that mountain, swim with those sharks, ski that slope, and never cease your journeys of discovery.

Pretrip planning with pups, petunias, and patience

It’s taken a long time to hammer out the details of my trip (luckily, I’ve had some free time on my hands lately), but I’ve finally solidified the bulk of my plans.  And it’s going to be amazing… To wit:

8MAY – land in Lima
8MAY-9MAY – Stay in Miraflores
9/10MAY – Take bus overnight from Lima to Arequipa (this is the time where, if you have a rosary close by, please clutch it and think of me)
10-13MAY – Stay in Arequipa
13MAY – Take bus from Arequipa to Puno (this is a much shorter trip and not overnight.  So grab that rosary again, but no need to hold it quite as tightly as the first bus trip.)
13-16MAY – Stay in Puno/Lake Titicaca
16MAY – Take bus from Puno to Cusco
16-18MAY – Stay in Cusco
18-21MAY – Trek to Machu Picchu
21-23MAY – Stay in Cusco
23MAY – Fly to Quito, Ecuador
23-25MAY – Stay in Quito
25-27MAY – Stay in Otavalo
27-30MAY – Still haven’t decided what to do with this time…
30MAY – Fly to Galapagos
30MAY-4JUN – Stay in Galapagos (Santa Cruz Island)
4JUN – Fly to Guayaquil
4-5JUN – Stay in Guayaquil
5JUN – Fly to Lima
5-7JUN – Stay in Lima
7/8JUN – Fly to Houston

We’ll see how the interwebs work in the various towns (I’m already planning on having little to no access in the Galapagos b/c it’s notoriously slow there) so that I can send pictures intermittently.

Pups sunbathingPretty petunias

Homegirl looks heavy

While I’m gone, my mom is taking care of the pups and petunias. I’ll miss watching the babies sunbathe on my balcony.

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