In case you’re wondering…

I feel like a lot of things that happen in life are about timing. Meeting special friends, career opportunities that arise, which puppy you adopt, which house you buy, who you love……  Time is just an innocent bystander that is ever-present but totally beyond our control. There is the past, which you can’t change. There is the future, which you can’t predict. There is the Now. And that’s the only one that you can affect, influence, or sway. But even the Now we don’t have complete control over – because of timing, other people’s decisions, even things like gravity.

My decision to request a year Sabbatical from work and go on a Round the World trip was driven by the timing of several happenings in my life. Struggles for me personally, the need to take time for introspection, changes at work, turning 35, and a few small things as well (including getting a palm reading – ha!) – all pointed me in the direction of taking a big step out of my comfort zone, demolishing my $ earning potential, and going on the journey of a lifetime.

My hopes are that I can stay in the Now, say Hello to everyone I meet, use eye contact in conversations, walk barefoot in the grass, stargaze, say Yes to every opportunity to try something new or different. And come back to Houston with a rejuvenated spirit and a smile.

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