Serendipitous and Jubilant

Travel spawns serendipity, doesn’t it?

first venn diagram I've done in a while

first venn diagram I’ve done in a while

I was walking out of the train station when I arrived in Hiroshima, and I saw a lady taking a picture. My mind was focused on finding the right bus, so I didn’t immediately realize that this was the same girl I had hung out with in Tokyo! She wasn’t supposed to be in Hiroshima on this day, but she had changed her plans. Serendipity!

Serendipitous Moments = Selfies

my Singapore friend

my Singapore friend

I already had another serendipitous moment as well, when I stayed at the same hostel as a guy on one Fiji island, and then he showed up days later at another hostel on a different island😂 So cool.

Jubilant train rides. This could represent the whole of my Japan experience. Clean… quiet… on time… follows the rules… WARM TOILET SEATS! Therefore, here is my “The Toilet Seat on the Train is Heated & Clean” Dance:

(NO, I’m not crazy. I just love heated toilet seats!)

Next up: Hiroshima & Sumo

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