Tuk-Tuks and Stuff-Stuff

My first tuk-tuk experience…



this is actually scary

this is actually scary…

i made it alive!

i made it alive!!!

I think it’s actually much more dangerous to walk places because of the madness of the motorized vehicles zipping everywhere.

Siem Reap has a night market and cool restaurant/bar street, which they close down for foot traffic only. I did get offered a ride several times. I did get offered drugs several times. I abruptly declined and scuttled away. I don’t even know what they had! They were like, “Oh, you don’t need a ride from me?.. then, do you need THIS?!??” What will I get offered next?? It’s hard out here for a driver when he tryna to get this money for hard cider.

I did see a cop today for the first time. The Long Arm of the Law.

night market

night market

pub street

pub street

pub street

pub street

night market

night market

christmas lights

christmas lights

put street


In addition to the drugs and booze being offered, you can also get the dead skin on your feet chewed off by fish. I read a news article a few years ago that said these fish were spreading HIV between people. That’s all I can think about when I see people sitting at these!! Anyway, I like their sign on the right:

spreads aids tho...

spreads aids tho…

This is important::::: Do we have these in the states???

which one am I supposed to choose??

which one am I supposed to choose??

I got the Coconut Delight. My culinary review: Delightful. Even with a bit of softness from old age or possibly humidity.


$5 wrap skirt

$5 wrap skirt

Eat your heart out, DVF.

Next up:  omg! PEPPER FARM. And Phnom Penh. 

4 Comments on “Tuk-Tuks and Stuff-Stuff

  1. Stephanie we don’t have those oreos in the states. Oh they sound so good. We love coconut. It sounds like they have an interesting night life.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I wasn’t sure if I had just been missing them, casandra:) Next I’m going to try the ice cream flavor


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