Caves, Kayaks, & Cruisin’

I’m in the beautiful, mysterious, iconic Halong Bay in Vietnam.
These islands are known as ‘tower karsts’. They’re made of limestone, and there are over 1,600 of them in the area.
My boat – the Starlight:)
The cruise boat, the food, and the guide are all really great. My room (and JACUZZI tub!):
DSC02415 DSC02413 DSC02574
The water for the tub isn’t super hot, but the strong jets still feel really good.
There are 1,600 islands, so you can cruise on a boat for hours and hours and not see them all. This is some of the scenery I saw:
DSC02460 DSC02455 DSC02444 DSC02438 DSC02418 DSC02429 DSC02439 DSC02437 DSC02461 DSC02476 DSC02449 DSC02462 DSC02467 DSC02450 DSC02445 DSC02435 DSC02432
On the first day, we got on another boat and went to the Halong Bay’s biggest cave. What a great surprise.. this place was amaaazing!
DSC02487 DSC02491 DSC02493 DSC02494 DSC02495 DSC02502 DSC02506 DSC02507 DSC02509 DSC02514 DSC02515 DSC02525 DSC02529 DSC02533 DSC02536
It was a hike up to the top, and I just loved seeing inside the cave… the lighting made everything glow and colorful. The rooms were much bigger than I thought they would be – enormous! View from the island the cave is on:
DSC02556 DSC02550 DSC02549 DSC02545 DSC02540 DSC02539
After the cave tour, I went back to my room, and I opened my window in my room (which, by the way, definitely opens wide enough to easily fall out). When I did, this lady on a boat below my window is yelling at me to buy stuff.
I wanted chocolate, so I negotiated her down to three Snickers for $5 (yeah, what a rip-off). While this was happening, I took a picture of her. So, she hoisted up the Snickers in her basket, and I put the viet-dong equivalent of $5 in and sent it back. Then she starts yelling at me: “Lady! Lady! $5!” She wanted me to pay her five dollars more because I took a picture of her. I told her No and tried to ignore her. She stayed there, though, yelling: “Lady! It’s me! It’s me!”. After I close my window, I can still hear her yelling “It’s me! It’s me!” And then she was hitting my window with her stick! I was afraid she was going to complain to the boat staff and have me deported! She finally stopped when my neighbors rescued me and bought something else from her! And one of the Snickers was crap, by the way (old and looked like dust). What a bitch!
her stick and basket!

her stick and basket!

boat retail

boat retail

After a night in the this amazing room, went on another boat the next morning to go sea kayaking. We went through/under four different islands and kayaked around a lot more – a few hours. I also saw someone capsize their kayak when I was taking the video😂
DSC02584 DSC02598 DSC02600 DSC02594 DSC02597 DSC02595 DSC02588
Then we went to a pearl farm. Interesting to see this in the middle of nowhere, but we went there because they wanted us to buy stuff of course. I didn’t buy anything, but I would’ve bought chocolate if they had it😁
DSC02612 DSC02611
Next up: Bangkok for New Years!

5 Comments on “Caves, Kayaks, & Cruisin’

  1. In-room jacuzzi while traveling through the karsts, followed by the fantastic caves and kayaking…few can claim such a unique experience. Looks like you are ‘living’ your life. How grand!

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  2. Stephanie – Happy New Year! Thanks for doing such an amazing job of documenting your travels. I think I will never get to many of these places in my lifetime but your capture is better than watching a National Geograpic show. Loved the cave. Two thumbs up on the jacuzzi. Two thumbs down on the Snickers Lady.

    Liked by 1 person

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