Ooty, ooty, ooty, ooty rockin’ everywhere

“Ooty” is short for Udagamandalam… and it’s my favorite town name in India because it rhymes with booty😳

No judgment zone. After Munnar, I took local buses to Coimbatore (and got attacked by a monkey). The trip was 3 buses + 1 tuk-tuk, and it took around 7 hours. I was only in Coimbatore for one night, using that as a stopping point on my way to Ooty, which is north of Munnar, in Tamil Nadu state. Ooty and Munnar are fairly similar – they’re both in the Western Ghat mountains, they both have tea plantations covering the landscape, and they’re both beautiful😍.



I got a non-A/C taxi to take me from Coimbatore to Ooty because I didn’t want a second day in a row of local bus travel on windy, bumpy roads! Ooty is in the Nilgiri Hills (“nilgiri” means “blue mountain”), and the climate changes quite a bit from Mettupalayam, which is at the foothills, to the hill stations at the top. When I was in the taxi in Mettupalayam, sitting in traffic, I think it was the hottest I’ve ever felt (excluding being in a sauna or exercising)… it was ridiculous. But, for Ooty, the high temperature for the days I was there was 75, and the low was in the 50’s at night. It was sunny and beautiful all day, both days I was there😄 Perfect weather. It doesn’t rain hardly at all in Ooty in February, but during the June-July-+ months, it will rain a lot – for hours and hours non-stop – so I randomly visited at a really good time.

Pictures of Ooty town and area around…


Ooty building

Ooty building

DSC04744 DSC04756 DSC04754 DSC04759

cafe coffee!!

cafe coffee!!

DSC04764 DSC04771 IMG_7703 DSC04772 DSC04773 DSC04783 DSC04780 IMG_7727

This is where I stayed – soooo cute, with the cutest family running the place…

IMG_7695 DSC04762 DSC04761 IMG_7699 IMG_7700 IMG_7702 IMG_7703 IMG_7720 IMG_7710

I visited the Botanical Garden, Ooty Lake, and a tea factory (again)…

DSC04814 DSC04812 DSC04813 DSC04806 DSC04810 DSC04803 DSC04801 DSC04800 DSC04799 DSC04777 DSC04778

DSC04797 DSC04798

DSC04816 IMG_7728

The cooooolest thing I did was ride the Nilgiri Mountain Railway (steam locomotive! toy train) from Ooty back to Mettupalayam. When going downhill, it starts at 7,200 feet and ends at 1,070. The stations are used for a lot of movie filming, including scenes shot in the original A Passage to India film. The train system is a UNESCO World Heritage Site – it was first used in 1899. The views are AMAZING…

DSC04784 DSC04785 DSC04819 DSC04827 DSC04830 DSC04832 DSC04833 DSC04841 DSC04850 DSC04837 DSC04834 DSC04846 DSC04851 DSC04843 DSC04848 DSC04852

DSC04856 DSC04858 Frame-23-02-2016-08-56-38

my little friend

my little friend

Next up: India’s east coast

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