The One with the Ick Factor

I guess it was inevitable that at some point, I would get illin’ for feelin’😕

I had a day and a half left in India, and I am staying at this beautiful hotel called the ITC Grand Chola, in Chennai, for two nights. I took a non A/C bus from Pondicherry up here, which was about a 4 hour drive, and then got settled into my hotel.

I had breakfast in Pondicherry, no lunch, and a latte with honey from the hotel Cafe. Then for dinner, I ate some Indian food at a restaurant in the really nice mall near the hotel, and I had ice cream from Baskin-Robbins afterwards. All the while, drinking (I think) bottled water.. all of the tops seemed sealed, but I’m not 100% sure.

It does seem that I’m prone to food poisoning, given how many times I’ve gotten it in my life. I’m really careful though. Or maybe it was from the crazy heat here that can be really unbearable. Either way, it was miserable. If you know of the Dudie apple juice event of 2014, that was me, and I was also Campbell Scott from Dying Young, his movie with Julia Roberts. Soooo, it was not wonderful… this is my face right now..



The only thing keeping me motivated is the thought that I will wake up tomorrow, feel wonderful, have a great five hour flight to Abu Dhabi, and meet a Prince in Dubai who makes me his travel wife (which means, I don’t have to ever be around him or in the UAE, but he sends me a stipend every month). I heard that was an option… Right, Paula?

Next up:  Wellness! And UAE.

4 Comments on “The One with the Ick Factor

    • i’m okay now, even though i got really sick and in hospital for a few hours:( but the internet has been too slow for me to update any posts! hopefully tomorrow or the next day i will get my pics uploaded!! thanks for checking on me:)


      • No problem. We just wanted to make sure you everything was ok. I’m so glad you are doing better. Take care of yourself.


  1. So sad you felt horrible…. But Dubai will make you forget all that !!! 🙂 I know there is a Prince just waiting to make you his travel wife !!!! 😉 Wow, can I borrow your jet ?!?!?!


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