Turkish Delight

🎶 Istanbul was Constantinople. Now it’s Istanbul, not Constantinople. Why did Constantinople get the works? That’s nobody’s business but the Turks. 🎶

I’m in Istanbul (not Constantinople)!! And Laura and Jan came over from Houston😍❤️🙋🏼 FRIENDS! MY PEOPLE!!!! YAYYYY.

bosphorous strait

bosphorous strait

I was soooo excited to get to Turkey. The food was part of my excitement, but it has honestly been so much better than I even expected it to be.

I. Want. To. Eat. Everything.


edmund and his turkish delight

I first heard of Turkish Delight when I read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe “Turkish Delight please, your Majesty.”… the book totally made it out like it was laced with crack. Well, it’s not. But, another Turkish treat  BAKLAVA – IS. I’m obsessed.

baklava love

(pistachio) baklava love

There are two main kinds – pistachio and walnut. I guess pistachio is more traditional, but I prefer the walnut a bit more (although they are both amazing crack-filled pieces of heaven). The pastry shops here bring me almost as much excitement as Christmas morning (major child-like excitement; I really just can’t help it).

Baklava is: phyllo dough, chopped nuts, butter, (maybe) cinnamon, (maybe) cloves, and a syrup made of sugar, water, and honey.


baklava love


koska baklava love

rolling phyllo dough

rolling phyllo dough

I like the way Turkish Delight looks more than the way it tastes. It is: sugar, cornstarch, lemon juice, rosewater, and some other combination of ingredients, depending on the type you want.


turkish delight


turkish delight


turkish delight

I bought some Turkish Delight from a booth in the Egyptian Bazaar called Ganik. The owner was Mikhail, and he was a hoot; some of his quotes:

“Where are you from? Oh, America!?? I love America! Look at these pictures of me with customers from Philadelphia… they come here every single year and buy my Turkish Delight. I’m famous in America!”

“I love the American accent, it’s my favorite. It sounds slow and casual.” (absolutely implying that we sound like bumpkins)😄

(when he’s cutting huge sample pieces for us to try): “You don’t want to try the whole thing? Oh, you’re worried about the kilos, aren’t you?” (then cuts another huge piece and gives it to me to eat)😂

Mikhail was one of those fun, loads and loads of energy type people you just want to be around. I couldn’t not buy Turkish Delight from the guy. They vacuumed sealed the box for me, so hopefully shipping it home won’t be an issue!


Mikhail @ Ganik @ Egyptian Bazaar


Mikhail, Laura, my TD flavors… pomegranate+pistachio, saffron+pistachio, nutella+pistachio, and nutella+hazelnut

Another rockin’ dessert we tried was Katmer. It is: phyllo dough, clotted cream (or kaymak), butter, sugar, pistachios. Unlike anything I’ve tasted before. Delicious.



I have more desserts to try, and much more baklava to eat before I leave Turkey! Here are some other deliciousnesses we’ve partaken in…

meze - bread, yogurt, hummus, salad

meze – bread, yogurt, hummus, salad

iskender kebap

iskender kebap

cheese plate, bread, olives, dolmas

cheese plate, bread, olives, dolmas

baba ganoush, hummus, pickles (Syrian restaurant)

baba ghanoush, hummus, pickles (Syrian restaurant)

$16 from local market store

bread, yogurt, lentils, butter, cashews, fruit & veggies, dried fruit, jar of honey, cream cheese, chocolates, eggs and toothpaste = $16 from local market store

Next up: Whirling Dervishes

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    • it’s ridiculous! i had it at home, but it tasted nothing like this. my new favorite dessert. you would love it here!


  1. Oh my, who knew Turkey had such great food. I especially love the baba ghanoush, hummus and pickles…looks delicious

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