1 Day in Budapest

Buda or Pest?

Split by the Danube, I stayed on the Pest side and explored the Buda side😊 I had one day there, and ended up walking 10.63 miles! I guess I’m used to walking a lot… my feet didn’t even hurt.

Pest side

Liberty Bridge

DSC06312 DSC06318 DSC06314

Central Market Hall

DSC06294 DSC06304 DSC06305 DSC06307

hungarian acacia honey? sweetest bestest honey

hungarian acacia honey? sweetest bestest honey……..😊

St. Stephen’s Basilica


Hungarian Parliament Building

DSC06370 DSC06371 DSC06372 DSC06373 DSC06376DSC06361


Ethnographic MuseumDSC06378 DSC06379

Yeah, bro. totally.


Chain Bridge

DSC06362 DSC06366 DSC06368 DSC06326 IMG_8809 IMG_8808

Buda side

Buda Castle

DSC06338 DSC06325 DSC06365 DSC06336 DSC06343 DSC06342 DSC06333 DSC06329 DSC06334 DSC06332

My favorite area in Budapest was Castle Hill District because it had small pedestrian-only streets, cute cafes, cobblestone, and a view of the city and river. Cute😍 And also this church (one of my favorite churches I’ve seen):

Matthias Church

DSC06348 DSC06356 DSC06350 DSC06354 DSC06358

Fisherman’s Bastion

DSC06359 DSC06360

A few others

DSC06324 DSC06322 DSC06319 DSC06323 IMG_8810 IMG_8807 IMG_8806

I liked Budapest (not more than Istanbul)… it was different than I thought it would be. It doesn’t seem very ‘old’. I guess they had to rebuild after bombings in WWII, and that has something to do with it. The streets are really, really wide – they all feel like Park Avenue to me (only much smaller buildings!) My favorite part was the patio Cafes they have everywhere. They have a lot of the wide streets closed off from cars, so in those instances, the street is full of tables from the restaurants (it was great weather when I was there, so everyone was outside at them).

central market hall

central market hall

Next up: Slovakia & getting ripped off😧… (just like getting sick, it had to happen eventually)

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